APJ Abdul Kalam Motivational advice for youth

APJ Abdul Kalam Motivational Message: 12 Great Advice For Youth!

In this post, I will share with you some of the best and great advice, specifically chosen from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam motivational speeches and writings.

Being a renowned scientist and engineer, Dr. A P J Abdul kalam served as the 11th president of India from the year 2002 to 2007. He was also a recipient of several prestigious awards, including the ‘Bharat Ratna‘ (India’s highest civilian honour.)


Dr. Kalam has been recognized in India as the ‘People’s President‘ for his inspiring charisma and people-loving personality, but also he has been recognized worldwide with the nickname as ‘the missile man of India‘ for his remarkable scientific achievements.

His messages are so powerful and inspiring that it can enormously ignite the minds of youth all over the world.


Here I’ve compiled 10 motivational excerpts from some of the best Abdul Kalam Motivational speeches and messages. Read on…

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being responsible in life

Being Responsible: 5 Benefits Of Being a Responsible Person!

Whether you believe it or not, being responsible (accepting complete responsibility) for your actions and behavior can do wonders in your life!

Yet, habitually most of us would refuse to accept complete responsibility in life, simply because of our unconscious conditioning.

Ever since from childhood, most people are wrongly programmed to believe that someone, somewhere, in someway,  is always responsible for much of their lives..


Surely enough, when these kind of people arrive at their adulthood, they still believe the same way and become scared of accepting full responsibility for their lives.

Subsequently, as a result of their negative conditioning, they fail to realize that they themselves are the architect of their own destiny.

But fortunately, we all are gifted with the ability to re-program our mind in anyway we want.

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life purpose

Life Purpose: 6 Surefire Ways To Finding Your Purpose In Life!

One of the most important gift you can give yourself is – decide to find your life purpose and live it to the fullest.

A compelling life purpose gives you a clear direction to pursue and makes your life worth living.


If we read through the biographies of world’s most successful and happiest people ever lived on this planet, we will realize that they all had one thing in common that made them successful…

– it’s having a clear sense of purpose!


However, you don’t need to be so popular or famous in order to become successful in life; but rather all you need is a clear, definite life purpose of your own choosing.

So why not, at least make a decision to join with the millions of ordinary people who have discovered their life purpose and has been living extraordinary lives all over the world!


They all became successful primarily because they knew where they are going. Do you know where you are going with your life?

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life goals bucket list

Life Goals Ideas: Things to do before I die!

If you have ever dreamed of living life to the fullest, it is a must that you should always carry a list of life goals with you!

A list that inspires you to make each moment count!

If you don’t, it will seriously cause you tremendous mental-pain and regret during your final days on this planet. 

To understand how crucial life goals are, simply observe the vast majority of people who do not have any worthy goals; instead of designing their lives, these misguided people simply make a living!

However, if you haven’t figured out what you really want to experience in your life, then it’s time to TAKE SOME MASSIVE-ACTION RIGHT NOW!

Here’s a priority test: Imagine that you are left with only 6 months to live; What would you wish you could do, be, have or give before you die?

(Whatever pops up first and dominates in your mind, those are the most important goals for you!)

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photo credit: Austin Schmid at Unsplash.com

Purpose Driven Life: 25 Powerful Questions on Finding Purpose In Life!

Want to live a purpose driven life, then here you’ll discover exactly what you need to do!

somebody stated it this way: Without a sense of ‘purpose‘ in life, you can’t make your life really exciting and meaningful.

The validity of the above statement holds true when we just try to observe the lives of people around us.

Many people with no particular purpose, live a major portion of their lives living the same way everyday. They are afraid of change and obviously they neither suffer nor enjoy much.

While those who live a purpose driven life, dedicate their lives for improving and getting better at their craft each day moving fearlessly by exploring new territories and experiences of life…

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time saver tools

Time Saver Tools: Top 10 Apps To Boost Productivity

In this post, I will share with you 10 really helpful ‘time saver tools’ that can significantly improve your productivity level at work or your life in general.

The true value of time can only be realized once it is gone!

We know the fact that we cannot rewind a single moment in our lives, but all we can do is to make the best of each moment.

Since I used the term ‘time saver’ here (just because many people are searching for it), I must make it clear that we
cannot save time, but we can only manage our time productively for our own benefits as well as for others.

In this digital era, technology has made a tremendous transformation in improving our productivity levels by leveraging our time and resources beyond what was once only imaginable.

These simple tools are actually invented to make life process easier and more comfortable.

There are so many free time management tools and advanced mobile apps are available on the internet today, that you can use to optimize your time productively.

You can utilize the benefits of these tools when you’re working or doing activities online as well as offline…

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no excuses

No Excuses: A Surprising Truth Behind Success Revealed!

Have no excuses! What you’re about to read will definitely transform your life in positive ways if you take it seriously. Read on..

Did you ever wonder about how our world would transform, if at least a quarter percentage of the human race alive would realize that they possess some exceptional power that would transform their lives in positive ways…

A power, if unleashed – would do miracles in the lives of every human being.

But unleashing that power requires determination and continuous effort; No excuses…

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how to avoid procrastination

Avoid Procrastination Once And For All! – Here is How?

If you really want to become more and achieve more in your life, then it’s high time to avoid procrastination-habit that is holding you from living your best life.

The truth behind procrastination is simply the lack of a strong will. Without a strong sense of willingness, one can never experience the importance of taking action NOW.

The will power can only be developed through having a strong REASON to change for the better!

Therefore, the one and only powerful method to avoid procrastination or stop procrastinating is to have a compelling and emotionally touching reason to take action now.

When we have an important goal to look forward to, we always maintain an emotional attachment to it; so that we need not to be pushed, rather we’ll be pulled towards the accomplishment of that particular goal…

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law of attraction affirmations

100 Law of Attraction Affirmations That Work Like a Miracle!

People often misunderstand the concept of Law of attraction AFFIRMATIONS with some foolish feel-good-words that claims to have some magical power in helping a person to achieve prosperity and abundance.

It sounds illogical to most people.

But, the truth is IT WORKS for those who BELIEVE.


However, In a psychological way of thinking, there is a scientific base to it. and we will come to that in a while..

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living with regret

Living With Regret: 10 Things You’ll Regret From Death-Bed!

Living with regret is one of the worst feeling a person can have, especially at times when you realize that there is no time and energy left to do whatever you’ve always wanted.

The main reason why so many people end up living with regret is often the result of misusing time by seeking temporary pleasures and indulging in unproductive activities everyday by procrastinating important things for the future.

But eventually,  days slips into weeks, then weeks into months and months into years…

Finally when they arrive years down the road to the old-age, they look back and  realize that they could’ve used those precious time for accomplishing things that mattered most to them.

Sadly, they’ve reached the point of no-return before even they know it!

So it is better to be well aware of what causes you to end up living a life of regret; as early as possible. The sooner you understand it’s importance, the more motivated you’ll be to accomplish your life goals. Continue reading